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I was asked to review a blog relatively similar to mine. I reviewed a post from Tales for life by Cynthia Richardson called Cigarettes, alcohol: such ordinary thieves. This post is a reflection on Cynthia’s past addictions 25 years later and her growth and struggle along the way.


I think this post is a great read because I think that a lot of what is written about her early years and how she found the bottle is a very common, text-book experience that many people will experience at a variety of different ages: temptation. TEMPTATION.

There is something so visually and verbally unappealing about that word. It always starts with temptation, then leads to indulgence, a plethora of blurred lines and then eventually a epiphany and you land somewhere around addiction. Cynthia’s tale of her struggles in her youth and her claim of responsibility for her current heart diseas she now suffers from due to her poor health.

If you have ever looked for a reason to quit or would just like to read a women’s story of her trails and tribulations I encourage you to read this insightful tale of a cloud that left its mark.
“So I take my stand one more time. I am responsible. Cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs are ordinary poisons disguised by pretty packages. They do me no good. This peculiar and mystifying life will keep nourishing me and I, it. My gratitude for helping hands along the way is immeasurable.”

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